Finding spaces to play in nature



At Wilder Child we find spaces and provide opportunity for children to engage authentically in nature. Every class is influenced by the children at play, their ages, and the seasons. Some classes are curated to encourage your child's curiosity about the natural world through hiking, learning about nature, nature-based crafts, and plant/tree/animal identification, while other classes are built to inspire creativity and imagination through child-directed play. At Wilder Child we believe in fairies, giants, and pirates, and get inspired by nature with songs, crafts, and stories. Every class is structured to allow your child to explore their surroundings and move deep into nature, whether that experience is wild or quiet, with others or solitary.  Our classes provide children with the confidence to move comfortably in nature through all seasons. All of our class locations are in Calgary NW, in Bowmont Park, Silver Springs, and West Hillhurst. Some of our special events will be held at other locations across the city.