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Policies & Play at Wilder Child


Our principal policy is to have open communication with parents and students (when age appropriate).

We are not risk-averse and believe that children learn best when they are given the space to test their limits and challenge themselves. We help children manage risk by drawing attention to possible dangers. What makes a branch strong enough to stand on when climbing a tree? How can we use sticks safely in play with others? 

We allow children to engage in rough play when it is safe, as long as everyone in the game is there by choice. We may stand back during these sessions, but we are always on the watch for moments when children may need a reminder of how to play kindly with others and their environment. We are ready to intervene if a child seems overwhelmed or if their play becomes unsafe. We consider tumbles and bruises as a normal part of spending time in nature!

We have first aid training and child CPR. In the case of minor injury, including the application of bandaids, parents will notified at pick-up and asked to sign a form. In the case of emergencies or major injuries, EMS will be called and parents will be notified immediately. A document outlining emergency procedures is provided on enrolment.  

Prior to every class we perform a Site Risk Assessment of all the areas that we will be using. We look for environmental hazards (such as dangerous tree limbs), people hazards (such as an unsafe person in the area), and hazardous garbage (such as glass, sharp objects, etc). We remove or flag all unsafe objects or move sites if a major danger is identified. Children will be shown environmental hazards and directed to stay away from anything flagged.   

A first aid kit travels with us at all times. We also carry an emergency contacts list and a list of any medical conditions in the group. Finally, we carry spare clothing for hot and cold weather, an emergency blanket, whistle, toilet paper, plastic bags, wipes, and hand sanitizer. 

Classes run through the winter. We will cancel class on days when the temperature falls below -20ºC or there is an unsafe wind force.  

Children are responsible for carrying their own packs. We ask parents to pack food, water, and spare socks and mitts (in the winter). Parents will receive a list of standard supplies and weather-appropriate clothing after enrolment.  

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